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Finding the right investment advisors is a monumental task when wanting to invest in a property. Equimax Property Investment Advisors help their clients buy the right investment property for their clients based on a tailored strategy, so that they can achieve their financial goals – gaining the ultimate freedom.

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The Property Investment Professionals Melbourne is a difficult world to navigate, especially when you’re starting out. The amount of information that one must process in order to make the right decisions can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You will therefore require professional guidance to help you through this demanding process.

property investment advisor


Property investors who have been investing in properties for over 15 years. Over these years we have continuously evolved and have executed different investment strategies. We believe in investing for a secure future and to do so we need knowledge, experience and guidance. Sharing our experiences and knowledge to educate others is our passion, so they can invest in the right properties.

property investment advisor


Property Investment Success Stories

Chrystal EvansChrystal Evans
02:50 12 Mar 24
I just want to pre-face this review by saying I have had a LOT of dealings with a LOT of other property advisors and agents over the last 20 years in finance. Property is not a heavily regulated industry and because of this it is very important that you use people who have experience, knowledge and qualifications.Equimax have all but they also have the personal service skills and the moral values to support clients through their property journey and that is hard to find!Sorry it's long winded but I believe in credit where credit is due!I have used Equimax Property many times for my clients. I am a mortgage broker and I often come across clients who:1. Want to start their journey but don't know where to start and need guidance.2. Have previously started their investment property journey and the properties aren't meeting their expectations.3. They want to add to the portfolio and need advice as they've maxed out their borrowing capacity or own knowledge of the markets.(I don't have any monetary relationship with the team, but i love what they do for my clients).The team are impeccable. Every single property is held to a high standard and scrutiny before recommending it. Everything is researched (right down to the finer details) so that you know what they are recommending, the plan for the future and above all else they set a strategy and follow it up with yearly reviews.I lot of others say they will do yearly reviews but they just don't deliver.They really understand the other related financial industries (Accounting and Finance) which means that their recommendations are centered around solid strategy and in line with the other professional services clients need when buying a property. There is no "one shoe fits all" approach here and everything is tailored for outcome and purpose!These guys are drivers in innovation in the property sector. They don't expect clients to go all in on property and nothing else. They understand the importance of real wealth creation strategies and they support those relationships and compliment them.Well, done team and keep up the high energy and great work.
Kazween BoikoKazween Boiko
02:18 13 Feb 24
Gaurav and his team are absolute professional and super knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Wish you the best.
Mvs KarthikMvs Karthik
06:43 09 Oct 23
We recently had the pleasure of working with Gaurav Bhatia, From the very beginning of our property search, he demonstrated a level of expertise that instilled confidence in our decisions. Their knowledge of the local real estate market is extensive, and it was evident that they stay up-to-date with market trends. Their commitment to understanding their clients' needs. They took the time to listen to our preferences and priorities, ensuring that the properties they showed us were a perfect fit. This level of personalized service is hard to find.Communication was always prompt and clear. Gaurav was not only responsive to our inquiries but also proactive in sharing new listings and market insights. This made the entire process smooth and efficient. Gaurav's professionalism and courtesy were consistent throughout our collaboration. They made us feel valued as clients, and it was a pleasure to work with someone who genuinely cares about their clients' satisfaction.Thank you for your assistance in our property search. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to finding us the right home. The properties you've shown us so far have been well-matched to our criteria, and your knowledge of the local market is evident. We especially liked the attention to detail you provided during property viewings.
11:20 27 Mar 23
I recently engaged the services of Equimax and was fortunate enough to work Gaurav Bhatia who is an exceptional professional. From the very beginning, Gaurav was easy to talk to, taking the time to understand my needs and providing knowledgeable advice to help me make informed decisions.His expertise in the field of property investment was evident, and I am impressed with the level of attention to detail he provides. He is always available to answer any questions I had and provided excellent recommendations on investment opportunities.Overall, I am extremely happy with the level of service I received from my property advisor. He is professional, helpful, and went above and beyond to ensure my investment journey is as straightforward and enjoyable. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to invest in property.
Jd IrvingJd Irving
08:08 27 Feb 23
We have had a great experience with Gaurav to date, with the view to continue into the future with more investment properties. His method is thorough and he really listened to our needs and developed a tailored plan based on our current situation and our future goals.Being relatively 'green' to property investing was no issue as we were provided with a transparent plan, which was extensively researched.Gaurav introduced us to his network of professionals which made the initial transaction very easy. His advice is solid and his knowledge of the industry is quite astounding, he certainly keeps his finger on the pulse. He takes the time and had extreme pride in what he does.Looking forward to what the future brings.If you are considering property investment I would highly recommend you speak with Gaurav.
Jasmine JamiesonJasmine Jamieson
07:03 25 Jan 23
I have had nothing but a positive experience working with Gaurav Bhatia who runs equimax property investments. His knowledge and experience is extensive. He is trustworthy,reliable and contactable. Gaurav made it possible for me to be able to invest interstate which I would never have done on my own as I don't have the knowledge or contacts. He made it easy and seamless. I can now see my financial freedom in the not too distant future, if I continue investing with Equimax. So nice to be treated as an individual and have someone to guide you and not to have to do it on your own. It means investing is more efficient and the end goal will come sooner. Because of my great experience I have recommended Gaurav to friends and family,and look forward to their good results too.
Bobby PaunkovBobby Paunkov
06:48 02 Nov 22
I highly recommend Gaurav as his professionalism, communication skills, and his Property Investment Strategies are second to none.From finance through to the settlement of my investment property. Gaurav was very prompt in addressing all my questions and he definitely saved me a lot of time due to his professional network. In fact, I know how much better off I am financially with Gaurav’s help.Gaurav has made it a very positive journey. I’m extremely satisfied and it’s been an absolute pleasure doing business with Gaurav.Looking forward to expanding my property investment portfolio with Gaurav’s expert advice.Robert

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